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Shin Ser Flower Sea 2011

It's about 50 minutes driving from Taichung downtown to Shin Ser where is up on mountain
and a mushroom plant village.  Location is between Shih Kan and Tong Shih.  In the recent years, the flower sea is for free and is around November. The flower season in 2011 is between Nov 12~ Dec 11.

Today is the third day of the season. Waking up in the morning, I found the sky was so thorough blue and wanted to hold on this rare good weather. Besides, I don't like to go there on weekend for the sake of being too crowded to move. I chose to ride motorbike up to the mountain and found there are still so many cars. I couldn't remember how to reach the flower sea but following all the cars including the big sight-seeing bus. Finally, I reached the flower sea field easily. This is the benefit of car crowds.

It's great that no need to fly to other country and we can see flower sea right in Taiwan.  Putting yourself in the great flower sea, pluse blue sky and warm sunshine, you'll find it's a nice way to clean your mind.

I didn't go see flower sea in 2010.  I found this year the design is different from previous years'.   Hope Lord can help not rain in this month.  Once it rains, flowers die.   And hope all the ones who love flowers haven't seen flowers this year please go to mountain quickly.