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Autumn Oslo

In autumn and winter, most of the time, the weather in Oslo is raining and the sky is always grey.

While holding an umbrella and walking on the raining street in Oslo, you'll find soon that outside of your umbrella very few walking people are holding umbrellas like you do.

Food and everythings are so expensive.  The fried / soup noodle of one person in the Chinese restaurant costed USD20.  I stayed at one 3-star hotel costed USD320 for one night single room including tax and breakfast. I never thought of it that the room was so narrow, decoration was so old and poor with strange smelling, and the heater in the room couldn't be used thoughout the night at all.

In the park, there're so many bikes belonging to government;  you may ride it away and later you just put it back.  It's for free without register.

在秋天 冬天, 奧斯陸大部份的時候都下雨, 天空總是灰色.

撐傘走在下著綿綿細雨的奧斯陸街上, 很快地您會發現您傘外的路上行人很少像您一樣撐傘.

食物與各種東西都很貴.  中國餐館的一人份炒麵/湯麵要價USD20.  我過夜的3顆星旅館單人房含稅含早餐要價USD320.  沒想到的是房間好窄, 裝潢老舊散發怪氣味, 房內電暖器整夜根本都不能用!!

公園内有許多腳踏車是政府所有, 您可以騎走, 稍後再放回去. 不用付費也不用登記.


Chinpinlo B+B

Chinpinlo is such a beautiful, special and comfortable B+B in the small village Seshui, 7km away from Sunmoonlake in central Taiwan.  

Room fee is reasonable and much lower than hotel in Sunmoonlake.  If you don't want to spend too much money for the hotel room fee, you may stay at Chinpinlo.  There's a motorbike shop named papago in the old town of Sunmoonlake,  rent a 125CC motorbike, you may go anywhere you want, visiting some mountain villages around Sunmoonlake like Shueili, Chi-Chi, Chingjing Farm, Xitou, Sanlinxi; enjoy your life by seeing endless green and breathing the limitless fresh air. Mountain roads are new, flat and wide, very few cars there.  You may ride happily.  Don't worry! There's no policeman on the roads.  All of them are busy working at intersections in Puli.  Miss delicious foods?  You may go out 7km to Puli.  Want to enjoy the hot spring, you may go to Dongpu hot spring resort.

Breakfast was so delicious for all the vegetables are planted by the female owner. Soybean milk is made by her too.  Breakfast includes Taiwanese style and Weste style.  She works happily alone!!

Evening time of Chinpinlo was so beautiful since the female owner switched on all the yellow lights.   In the bed room, all the equipments are so new, clean and warm like the 5 star hotel.  Pillow cover, blanket cover, bed sheet are all smelled sunshine since the love-clean female owner washes them and puts them under the sunshine in the yard daily by herself.  The sunshine takes just one hour to dry them in the central Taiwan.

The late evening time while lying down on your bed, you'll find suddenly you're already surrounded by the frog wows.

The clever dog Mr. Bean guided me to buy some drinks 5 minutes walk behind the house.  It's famous already that it guided all the visitors buying something.

How to reach Chinpinlo by bus?  You may find the bus stop at the opposite side of Taichung train station or High Speed Train WuRi Station.  Every 30 minutes, no number, destination showing Sunmoonlake, Taiwan map with words "tour Taiwan" showing on two sides of the bus,  the brand new white / yellow bus passes by.   It takes 90 minutes to reach Sunmoonlake and 7 km before Sunmoonlake you may take off the bus, walking 10 minutes down there. 

Tel: 886 (49) 289 7645   Mobile: 886 928 195 273
Taiwan Trip Bus

台灣中部離日月潭7公里外的澀水社區, 有一民宿很漂亮 、特別 、 舒適.   它叫清平樂.

房價合理, 比日月潭旅館低很多.  若您不想花太多錢在旅館上, 您可以呆在清平樂.  日月潭老街有一店出租機車叫趴趴走, 您去這店租125CC 機車.  想上那兒就上那兒,  可以拜訪環繞日月潭的幾座山城如水里、 集集 、清境農場、 溪頭 、杉林溪,  以瀏覽無盡的綠與呼吸無限新鮮空氣來享受您的人生.  山路很新很平很寬,  車又少.  可以騎的很快樂很開心.  放心!!  路上沒警察,  警察都站在埔里所有路口指揮交通.  想念美食?  出去7公里外的埔里找!! 想泡溫泉?  就近可以前去東埔溫泉.

早餐很好吃, 菜都是女主人自己種.  豆漿她自己做.  早餐有中式與西式.  她獨自快樂工作!!

天黑後的清平樂超漂亮, 因為女主人打開所有的黃燈.  客房內, 所有的設備都那麼的新、 乾淨 、溫暖, 像極了5顆星旅館.  枕頭套、 被套 、床單, 都有太陽味道.  因為愛乾淨的女主人每天親手洗親手晾在院子.  中台灣的太陽只需1小時就可曬乾它們.

晚間, 躺上床後,  突然地您會發現自己早已被青蛙叫聲包圍.

聰明狗先生"豆豆"  領導我走5分鐘去屋後買飲料.  它早已因領導客人購物而聲名大噪.

電話: 886 (49) 289 7645    手機: 886 928 195 273


Prague Autumn

Walking on street of Prague, you may see it's so crowded and everywhere are tourists; 90% of them are tourists.

On Prague street, it's difficult for you to find a modern building; all of them are the old buildings between 300~600 years old.  Each statue has its own story.

"Prague Castle" is the place you have to visit.  It's built on hill.  The ticket is 290CZK.  It takes you 5 days to see the castle.  I didn't have time to do that so I just looked around the outside area.  The castle area is beautiful!  Visitors from different countries sang songs loudly everywhere while seeing down the whole Prague city at the landscape platform and walking on small roads and steps.  Their beautiful songs made me so happy!!

Vltava river goes to north east from south in Prague.  There're so many sight-seeing boats, big and small, on the river.  At any time there, river is wide, you may see the river is so beautiful. The ticket for the boat is 290CZK.  It takes one hour guiding you; the translator was an young beautiful blond hair girl who explained the histories of the buildings on two sides of the river with languages of Czech, Spanish and English.  It's an unforgettable evening if you experience the boat!!

The beautiful restaurant next to the Charles-bridge is not easy to get a seat; if you want to have meal there you must book your seat one day before.  It's always full.  Seating in it, having dinner, and enjoying the night view of the river, you'll feel the world is so wonderful!

The Friday evening, people don't sleep.  At very late hour, the old town area, although all the shopping malls and shops are closed already, it' still crowded too.  People are so happy walking, drinking or sitting on the outdoor rest area.   Even the raining Friday evening, people don't sleep either.  They drink beer at the pub and go out taking the morning 5.00 tram back home.

Beer in Czech, is the most important drink you must taste.  It tastes so great!!

走在布拉格街上, 您可以看到好擠而且到處都是人.  90%路上的人是觀光客.

在布拉格街上, 很難找到一棟現代建築物. 全部是300~600年的老建築物.  每座雕像有它自己的歷史.

布拉格城堡您一定要去走走.  它被建在山坡上.  門票為290捷克幣.  要看完它, 您必須花5天的時間.   當時沒時間 我只好就在外面四處走走.  城堡保好漂亮!  到處都是來自不同國家的觀光客以嘹亮嗓音高歌, 在景觀台俯視整個布拉格城市及走在小路上與台階上.  他們美妙歌聲使我好快樂!!

在布拉格, 伏爾塔瓦河從南流向東北方.  有許多大大小小的觀光船在河上.  任何時間, 您可看到河很漂亮, 河也很寬.  船票290捷克幣.  船的航行時間約為一小時:  翻譯員是一名年輕金髮的漂亮小姐以捷克語 西班牙語及英語介紹河流兩岸建築物的歷史.  若您親身體驗觀光船, 那將是一個難忘的傍晚!!

"查爾斯橋"旁的漂亮餐廳, 並不容易訂到座位.  若您要上那裡用餐, 您必須一天前就先訂位.  它隨時都客滿.  坐在裡面用晚餐, 欣賞河流的夜景, 您會覺得世界是如此地棒!!

周五傍晚, 當地人們不睡的.  很晚了, 在舊區, 所有的購物中心與商店都關了,  四處還全是人.  人們快樂地散步或在戶外座椅上喝飲料.  甚至是下雨的周五晚上, 當地人也不睡.  他們跑入夜店喝啤酒, 清晨搭5.00早班電車回家.

布拉格的啤酒是最重要的飲料您一定要嚐,  它喝起來超讚的!!

riverside restaurant

Charles bridge

Charles bridge

Friday evening