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Autumn Oslo

In autumn and winter, most of the time, the weather in Oslo is raining and the sky is always grey.

While holding an umbrella and walking on the raining street in Oslo, you'll find soon that outside of your umbrella very few walking people are holding umbrellas like you do.

Food and everythings are so expensive.  The fried / soup noodle of one person in the Chinese restaurant costed USD20.  I stayed at one 3-star hotel costed USD320 for one night single room including tax and breakfast. I never thought of it that the room was so narrow, decoration was so old and poor with strange smelling, and the heater in the room couldn't be used thoughout the night at all.

In the park, there're so many bikes belonging to government;  you may ride it away and later you just put it back.  It's for free without register.

在秋天 冬天, 奧斯陸大部份的時候都下雨, 天空總是灰色.

撐傘走在下著綿綿細雨的奧斯陸街上, 很快地您會發現您傘外的路上行人很少像您一樣撐傘.

食物與各種東西都很貴.  中國餐館的一人份炒麵/湯麵要價USD20.  我過夜的3顆星旅館單人房含稅含早餐要價USD320.  沒想到的是房間好窄, 裝潢老舊散發怪氣味, 房內電暖器整夜根本都不能用!!

公園内有許多腳踏車是政府所有, 您可以騎走, 稍後再放回去. 不用付費也不用登記.

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