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Bucharest Romania

Bucharest is an old city; most of the buildings are old and some of them are the French
style. Some modern buildings on the street you may see are all the foreigner banks.

Most of the Romanian are kind. I left the hotel in the midnight and the clerk blonde hair beautiful young girl talked to me automatically "Do you need help?". She carried heavy luggage and bags for me and I was touched by her.

In the evening time in the old town of Bucharest, there're so many people having foods
slowly, sitting at the outside seats. Outside seats were full everywhere. They really enjoy their lives.  It's so beautiful---the beautiful old buildings under the yellow lights. It deserves you to have a walk there!  Security is good and people are friendly.

In the lake of the park, I saw some black goose. Food cost was good and lower than Taiwan's. The delicious tomato soup costed USD3.50 plusing some fresh cubic bread. After drinking the soup down in my stomach, there's no space any more. I still tried pretty hard to finish the main dish, dessert and one glass of beer.  Luminita found all the great foods for me--thank her so much.  I was taken good care by her including putting me on the beautiful top floor, king size bed in huge room, as well as one lovely balcony where I saw the famous parliament building in the day time and evening time; the priceless view made me feel like in the dream.

While complaining too much food to her for so many times that I've got 2 kgs more due to following her in different beautiful restaurants, I always heard the same answer from her "Next week, you eat nothing!"

"PETTY ICE" is Luminita's favorite ice cream.

All the dishes in Bucharest restaurants are big and why most of the local people are not fat; they're slim. It's so strange!!

The main dish, corn flower covered with cheese was so unforgetable delicious! The baked mushroom smelled so great! Mushroom covered with cheese was great too!

olympic training camp

city sight-seeing bus

revolution memorial square

university Luminita graduated from

shopping mall

famous restaurant

congress house


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