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Cat Village--Houdong

On July 25 afternoon, I arrived Houdong by train.   Houdong has been cat village in the past few years.

This is my first time going there to see cats.   Long time ago, the small village got the name Houdong because of many monkeys there.  Houdong means monkey cave.

Cats are so beautiful and cute!   I was so happy playing with them the whole afternoon.  I had a wonderful time there.  It is said that if you want to visit cats you'd better arrive Houdong in the morning.  You know why?  In the afternoon cats all spread out.

There're two things are prohibited at Houdong:
1)Dog.  Visitors are prohibited to bring dog to cat village.  Since dog always scares cat.
2)Flash.  Cat doesn't like flash.  Visitor is prohibited to use flash while taking picture of cat.

How to get to Houdong?  You may take train at Taipei station, direction Ruifeng.  Take train at Ruifeng station again, direction Jingtong, and take off the train at Houdong.  Houdong is the neighbor village of Ruifeng, just one stop.  Please do remember to buy the one day ticket of Pingshi line at Ruifeng.  You may visit Houdong, Shifen, Pingshi and Jingtong in one day, if you arrive  Ruifeng in the early morning.  The one day ticket is just NTD52, equaling less than USD2 only.

"I love lying down here welcoming visitors"---in the station
street before Houdong station
"Give me fish please, I love it!"
"Great to sleep in the summer breeze afternoon."
"Hei!  gf, wait for me!"
"Don't follow me.  Too many visitors."
Houdong railway platform
Houdong railway platform
"I'm the watch cat in the village!"
217 cafe
217 cafe
live water for cats
"Don't bother me.  Let me sleep!"

"Go home for rest now."
"Am I a pretty?"
cat shape souvenir
"I'm a shy little girl."
"I love the seat, the entrance of cat village."
"Do I look like a tiger?"
"I'm smart and brave like a dog!"
"I protect all the other cats!"

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