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On July 27 afternoon, I arrived Jingtong by train.  Jingtong is the last stop of the Pingshi branch line of I-lan railway in the northeast Taiwan.  On weekend, the train was much too crowded.  I met so many Hong Kong people.   I asked myself where I was.  "Is here Hong Kong?"

Jingtong village was so quiet and population is small.  Jingtong station is one of the four wood built stations in Taiwan. 

How to get to Jingtong? You may take train at Taipei station, direction Ruifeng. Take train at Ruifeng station again, direction Jingtong, and take off the train at the last stop.   Please do remember to buy the one day ticket of Pingshi line at Ruifeng.  You may visit Houdong, Shifen, Pingshi and Jingtong in one day, if you arrive  Ruifeng in the early morning.  The one day ticket is just NTD52, equaling less than USD2 only.

wish bamboo
souvenir shop
old Japanese dormitory
Jingtong wood built station
view restaurant

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