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I arrived Bitou at 16:44 on Aug 22 from Longdong Bay Ocean Park.  Bitou is at Ruifeng district of New Taipei City.

There're so many places available for visitors to go.  I chose the Bitou Cape lighthouse 350M as I climbed there many years ago.  I remembered that friends and I sat on the grass hill together with sheep, and the sky was so huge.

The way is straight up all the way.  So, if you don't have good knees you can't walk up there. The first place is the Bitou primary school.  Today, it's much easier for visitors to walk as the wood trail.

I was lucky for the weather was so great that I enjoyed the beautiful sunny sky and the free charge of the freshest air, although the TV said typhoon is coming soon.  I ignored it.

My destination was the Bitou Cape lighthouse.   0.5M left to reach the lighthouse, but the trail was damaged by typhoon.  Visitors were requested to go another way 1.1km in stead.  I gave up the 1.1km as I had to catch the bus of 17:44.

Bitou is a fishing port and there're many sea food restaurants there.

I took the Tour Taiwan bus 17:44 to Ruifeng direction, using the same ticket.

coffee shop
Bitou primary school
Bitou primary school
Bitou primary school
Bitou primary school

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