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Londong Bay Ocean Park

Longdong Bay Ocean Park is at the seashore.  Before the park was built, the area had been the abalone farm.   The park is a free one, no need to buy ticket.  

At the park, one building offers geology information for visitor study.  Also, there's a coffee house in the park.  In case the sunshine is not strong, it's great to sit at any where enjoying the ocean breeze and sound.  If you care your skin, the coffee is a nice choice for hiding yourself and you still can enjoy seeing the great ocean.

Normally the rainbow comes after the rain.  The afternoon of Aug 22, there's no rain.  While waiting for the bus to Bitou at the stop, I was so surprised to see the rainbow in the sky.  

I took the Tour Taiwan bus 15:23 to Ruifeng direction, using the same ticket.

abalone farm
abalone farm
coffee house
rainbow on the right side

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