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Yong Chun Camellia Garden

Yong Chun Camellia Garden is located at Shih Gang District of Taichung city.  The owner Mr. Huang opens the garden for free visiting generously.   Besides, he offers free orange and hot ginger tea to all the visitors.

Last Sunday while first time visiting it, I was busy taking pictures of all kinds of camellias and was surprised by the beauty of them.

How to get to the garden?  You may take bus at Feng Yuan bus station in Feng Yuan, direction Dong Shi / Kukuan /  Zhuo Lan, and take off the bus at the stop "Jui Fang Cuo".  Walk across the street to the big building of Yi Guan Dao, then follow the direction signs by 5 minutes walking you'll find the garden.  If you can't find it, just call the garden.
Mr. Huang shall be happy to pick you up.

Yong Chun Camellia Garden
Tel: 04 25724060
Add: 6-9, Fu Xing Lane, Jui Fang , Shih Gang District, Taichung

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  1. 感謝您的光臨與細心的介紹,也歡迎妳再次光臨。