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Mysterious Guifeng

On Jan 14 evening, I went to Jiu Fen (means nine cents) by bus from aunt's house.   I did spend several hours chatting with her.

In north Taiwan, it's no rain in the day time but the roads were wet everywhere.   While taking off the bus at the stop "Jiu Dao"(means old road),  I happened to see the Keelung harbour was covered by the heavy fog. It was so mysterious and beautiful.   I do love it so much, the mysterious evening in the winter time.

I was so hungry, therefore I couldn't wait to find my food first.  The small local foods prices are more expensive than foods down the hill due to so many visitors going up.   After dinner, I ate sweet taro soup.  Each time I go to Jiu Fen I always eat taro soup.  It's the most delicious taro soup in Taiwan.

There were not so many visitors walking on the street of hill due to the evening was the election evening.  Most of the people did stay at home watching TV for the Presidential election and law-maker election result.  So, this Saturday evening was much different from all the crowded Saturday evening.

Walking on the street, so much Japanese rushed to my ears from all directions.  Suddenly I doubted I was in Kyoto or some where.   So many young Japanese visitors were happy taking pictures.   Wish them a happy time there!!   I don't think the B+B on hill are good enough to serve foreigners.  Hope they went back to Taipei to spend the comfortable night.

One normal house, the main door was open,  inside the living room there were so many persons sitting around the dinner table having dinner together.   They were all watching TV. While walking close to it,  I heard one man said :"How come it's like this?  How can I drink more?"  I stepped closer to their door and watched TV.   I couldn't believe my eyes.  I was in bad mood quickly.

I left Jiu Fen immediately.

stop "Jiu Dao"

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