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Sky Lantern Cradleland---Shifen

With a nerves heart, I arrived Shifen from Jingtong on July 27 afternoon.   Trying to meet her, but I failed.  Shifen was grandmom's home town.  Long time ago, she was a beautiful young lady there.

There's a river fall at Shifen.  It takes about 20 minutes walking from station.
I was surprised to pay ticket for seeing the river fall as the private company didn't make
it.  The river fall is a nature landscape.  River fall was so beautiful on last Friday, thanks to the sunny weather, and the whole village was so beautiful too.

The cradleland of sky lanterns in Taiwan is Shifen.  On each lantern festival, people from other cities love to go there to set lanterns up to sky by writing wish on surface of lantern.  This lantern festival, I couldn't get on train at Ruifeng station due to the train was too crowded.  Finally I gave up.

Without the big volume visitors, actually Shifen is a quiet, peaceful, beautiful, comfortable and green village.

How to get to Shifen?  You may take train at Taipei station, direction Ruifeng.  Take train at Ruifeng station again, direction Jingtong, and take off the train at Shifen.  Please do remember to buy the one day ticket of Pingshi line at Ruifeng.  You may visit Houdong, Shifen, Pingshi and Jingtong in one day, if you arrive  Ruifeng in the early morning.  The one day ticket is just NTD52, equaling less than USD2 only.

office of coal mine museum
Pingshi line train
Shifen travel service center
Keelung river
down the road 106 reaching Taipei city just 27km
Shifen station
sky lanterns shop

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