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Gold Museum

It was my first time to visit Gold Museum at Jingua shi of Ruifeng district of New Taipei City. The park was built by the city government.

To speak frankly, I didn't know that there's a museum up there.   Trying to take some pictures of some B+B at Jingua shi on 7/29 afternoon was my main purpose.   While leaving the bus, I saw the park and followed all the visitors walking into it.   Wow!  The whole space is so wide. It's so beautiful!

If you go there you have to put on sports shoes since the whole area is on the hill.  It's free to get into the ecological park.   It's good to see so many restaurants there and prices are not high. There're many Japanese style wood houses in the park.  Visitors could understand how hard workers got gold sand from underground and made them into the shape.  60 years ago, in the Japanese time, this place was the gold mine.

There's one big solid gold brick of 220kgs 999 displaying in the Gold Museum.  It's great to have a close look at it!  You have to pay for the ticket.

How to get there?  You have to take a bus at Ruifeng.  The ticket for an adult is NTD15, just USD0.5 only.  The bus stop is about 500 meters east of Reuifeng train station, on the opposite side.  The directions of Jingua shi and Fulong buses all stop at Jingua shi.

bus between Ruifeng and Fulong
bus between Ruifeng and Jingua shi
entrance of the ecological park
map of Jingua shi village
old Japanese dormitory
work cart of gold sand stone
facing sea, north, cafe shop
Japanese prince guesthouse
pond at the Japanese prince guesthouse
back yard of Japanese prince guesthouse
front yard of gold museum
front yard of gold museum
B+B Gold 101

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