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Pingshi Village Of Pingshi District

On the lantern festival, people love to rush to Pingshi district to set sky lanterns up to sky hoping to have a successful new year.  The main places are Shifen village and Pingshi village.

In the old street of Pingshi village, there're so many old shops.  Keelung river flows through the village and the train is so close to two side old houses.  What a special view!
I couldn't believe myself that I was in Taiwan while I was there on July 29.

There're ten villages in the whole Pingshi district of New Taipei City.   People are just 5133 (June of 2012) and 25.60% of them are old men / women.  In the past, the coal industry was the economic context in Pingshi district.   The Coal Mine Museum is near Shifen station.  (  It deserves you to have a visit.

Pingshi district is located in the upstream of Keelung river which flows through the whole
district.  The special landscape consists of many big and small river falls.  Hills and waters are all in green.  It's great to put yourself in the beautiful scenery.

How to get to Pingshi?  You may take train at Taipei station, direction Ruifeng.  Take train at Ruifeng station again, direction Jingtong, and take off the train at Pingshi.  Please do remember to buy the one day ticket of Pingshi line at Ruifeng.  You may visit Houdong, Shifen, Pingshi and Jingtong in one day, if you arrive  Ruifeng in the early morning.  The one day ticket is just NTD52, equaling less than USD2 only.

Pingshi painting studio
traditional cake shop
Pingshi village map
Pingshi old street
uprising sky lantern

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