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Pingshi Gallery

While walking on the old street of Pingshi, on July 29 noon time, I happened to find this painting studio by carelessly.

The owner of the studio Mr. Chen is so generous to all the visitors in taking pictures of his paintings.  I was so surprised by this.

He told me that the showy lily is Pingshi district flower which blossoms in Aug everywhere in Pingshi including on the two hill sides of the road 106 and inside of the Pingshi primary school.  So, I'll definitely go visit Pingshi again to see the special beautiful flower.

In the studio, there're so many paintings.  One big oil painting is not for sale and I was much attracted for it's so lifelike; it made me the first time not happy with my camera.   If you want to see it you do have to see it in person.  In it you may see some famous landscapes in the whole beautiful Pingshi district.   Mr. Chen explained to me patiently:
1)It's the whole Pingshi district thumbnail.
2)The used basic materials are one bike and one coal bag;  in the old time, bike was the main traffic means and there was coal mine in Pingshi.
3)The outside circle ladder shape is the bike way representing visitors love to go to Pingshi by bike today.
4)The bike seat is put on top;  in the seat, there're many red spots which are sky lanterns.

The studio offers visitors with beautiful postcards; the used pictures are all the paintings painted by Mr. Chen.  Either for collecting purpose or for giving away,  It's great for visitors to take them back home as the postcards do spread the special culture smell to everyone like the expensive perfume.

Pingshi Painting Studio
tel: 02 2495-2496
add: 17, Pingshi street, Pingshi village, Pingshi distrcit, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Pingshi Painting Studio
Pingshi Gallery
Pingshi district flower showy lily and poem written
by Mr. Chen
Pingshi district thumbnail

Shifen street at Shifen village
describing Pingsi from 1 to 10

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