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Londong Bay Ocean Park

Longdong Bay Ocean Park is at the seashore.  Before the park was built, the area had been the abalone farm.   The park is a free one, no need to buy ticket.  

At the park, one building offers geology information for visitor study.  Also, there's a coffee house in the park.  In case the sunshine is not strong, it's great to sit at any where enjoying the ocean breeze and sound.  If you care your skin, the coffee is a nice choice for hiding yourself and you still can enjoy seeing the great ocean.

Normally the rainbow comes after the rain.  The afternoon of Aug 22, there's no rain.  While waiting for the bus to Bitou at the stop, I was so surprised to see the rainbow in the sky.  

I took the Tour Taiwan bus 15:23 to Ruifeng direction, using the same ticket.

abalone farm
abalone farm
coffee house
rainbow on the right side



Aodi village is the fishing port in the north-east part of Taiwan.   It's at the Kongliao district of New Taipei City.

After taking off the Tour Taiwan bus on the seashore road, I walked down to the sea.  About 10 minutes walking, I found the huge white building.  It looked nice standing there.  Hope in the very near  future, I'll spend one night there.   The name of the white building is Marinabay Resort. Its website is still under construction; just one page at the moment and it's in Chinese.   Visitors do contact with resort on facebook.

Aodi has been famous by the reasonable price sea food.  I spent just one hour at Aodi and walked quickly back to the bus stop on the seashore road side.  I saw the biggest sea food restaurant.  So, I took a picture of it.

I took the Tour Taiwan bus 15:23 to Ruifeng direction, using the same ticket.

Marinabay Resort
sea food restaurant


I went to Fulong by train at Ruifeng railway station on Aug 22 after lunch.   Fulong village is at Gong liao district of New Taipei City.

The gold sand beach is rare in Taiwan and it's beautiful and famous for swimming.   One bike way is about 35 minutes and the rent of the bike is just NTD100 (USD3) for one day; I didn't choose to ride the bike for the sunshine was quite strong.  I chose to take a walk on the wood trail along the beach to the Dao Temple on the beach side.   The temple is a new one, right on the sea side.

The 4th nuclear factory is still under construction at Gongliao village.  Gongliao is the next  station to Fulong, 5 minutes by train.  Due to the nuclear factory, the gold sand is flowing to the big sea day by day.

There're some new B+B at Fulong.  I do make sure it'll be great to spend one night at the small quite beach village.

While walking to the travel center, I found the Tour Taiwan bus to Ruifeng.  So, I started the seashore travel by buying the one day ticket NTD50 on the bus.  The last bus of the weekdays is 17:15 from Fulong.

street before Fulong railway station
travel center