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Chung Ker Elementary School

The Chung Ker elementary school is located on the road to Shuang Qi of Dong Shi district of Taichung city in central Taiwan.  It's surrounded by peal trees which shall begin to blossom white flowers soon since Dec.

The old school collapsed completely on Sep 21 1999 in the big earthquake.  One Buddhist foundation provided school with USD166,700 to rebuild.   In June 2001, brand new wood / bamboo school was opened.

It's a small public school of just 77 students whom get more cares and attentions from teachers.  They're lucky they learn and grow up in the great nature in the precious childhood time.  It's always quite and the air is fresh, although it's on the road side but very few cars go up hills.  There's a small river behind the school, sometimes egrets show up having a walk on the water.   All kinds of birds are singing and squirrels are jumping on the trees.   In any season if you pass by the school you always can see flowers on the low trees or on top of the high trees!

It's totally different from most of the schools in Taiwan, there's no cement wall dividing school and neighbour houses.

Confucian temple
 being affirmative and aggressive
welcome board
Confucian temple
Goddess of Mercy

learning room
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