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Ttaichung Art Museum Restaurant

There's a green way on the opposite side of the Taichung art museum.    In the morning, afternoon and evening, the local residents love to walk there.   On both sides of the green way, so many beautiful foreign food restaurants stand there.

You probably may find your own food there if you come from other country. Sitting in the restaurant, you'll feel you're some where out of Taiwan thanks to the great food taste and beautiful interior decoration. Please don't be surprised when you see the cook and the owner come from the original country. Besides, the food materials are all from the original country. How can you refuse the foods there when you're in Taiwan?

The location of these two streets are in the west district of Taichung city.

This evening I happened to see a group of young kids dancing in the green way. Some of them were playing the fire. Taiwanese have had too much freedom already? 

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