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Lover Wood Bridge

"Lovers wood bridge ",  the location is at Wan Xing Village of Shi Gang between Feng Yuan and Dong Shi.

Before the entrance, there's a shopping street where visitors may find foods, fruits and all kinds of small gifts.  The wood bridge was finished in Nov of 2001 with the length 40m and the width 3.5m.  The greatest feature is there's no any support under the bridge and material was imported from north America.  American technician did come here to instruct building.  This is the first time that the wood bridge technology was passed to Taiwan.  It offers more than 7- magnitude of shockproof and is the longest landscape bridge in the far east area.

On the other side of the bridge, there's a big park.  Some small food stands and shops you may find there.  I used to buy the honey at the shop where offers the true honey I believe.  The owner of the shop always teaches visitor how to judge the honey is true or fake. 

In any season you go there you may see flowers.  Isn't it great?

How to reach there?  You may take the bus, destination Dong Shi, at Feng Yuan bus station
in Feng Yuan and take off the bus at the stop "lovers wood bridge".

 Shi Gang entrance of Dong Fong bike greenway

Coffee shop


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