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Nei Wan Of Jhuolan Grape

Jhuolan is famous of delicious grape and the harvest seasons are July and Dec.   At Nei Wan, the small village, where grape fields are everywhere.

If you want to eat the top grade sweet and delicious grape, just go to Nei Wan in Juolan is correct.   Visitors are allowed to go to the field and pick grape in person, which is a kind of great enjoyment.   Most of the visitors do so.   If you don't have time to do so, you just pay USD2 for per 600gm and you take away the grapes chosen by you immediately.

Two years ago, I went there I saw all the grapes on trees.  Yesterday I went there again I didn't see the grapes on tress.   What I saw were all the white bags which refuse the birds eating.

Nei Wan green way

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