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WEN KAI Academy

Wen Kai Academy was built in 1827.   Chen Guang-Wen was a teacher in the age of Dutch occupied Taiwan.  He was reputed as the culture father in the early age.  His second name was Wen Kai.   Wen kai Academy was in memorial of the scholar Chen Guang-Wen of end Ming dinasty.

Wen Kai Academy, Culture temple and Wushu temple were built together.  There's a pond and park in the front yard.

How to reach When Kai Academy?  First, take the bus at the Changhua bus station on the opposite site of Changhua train station, destination Lukang, and take off the bus at the stop near the academy.   The bus goes into the little town Lukang from the south and the academy is right in the south.  So,  if you look out the widow when you're on bus, you'll see the academy.  When you see it you may take off the bus. 

Easy to find the academy, on the streets, you may find direction signs are everywhere.

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