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museum of Taiwanese folkways Lukang

The museum of Taiwanese folkways Lukang was built in 1919 as the official residence by
Mr. Gu Xian Rong who was elected as the first royal institution parliamentary of governor in 1934.

On Nov 10, 1973, Ku Zhen Fu and Ku Wei Fu brothers, sons of Mr. Gu Xian Rong,  contributed the residence to public and established "museum of Taiwanese folkways Lukang" in order to promote folkways and culture.  The total land are more than 4628 square meters.   There are nine exhibition halls in the building.

Visitor has to pay for the ticket today.

How to reach this hall?  First, take the bus at the Changhua bus station on the opposite site of Changhua train station, destination Lukang, and take off the bus at the final stop.  Walking to the hall is about 10 minutes.

Easy to find this hall, on the streets, you may find direction signs are everywhere.

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