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Shuang Qi Hill Village 雙岐部落

Shuang Qi hill village is in Heping district of Taichung city.   In Nov, on the road side, so many yellow sun flowers smile at visitors.   You don't have to go down to south Taiwan Tai Dong to see the sun flower.  Just come up here.  In Feb the whole village changes the new and happy clothes, welcomes Taiwanese new year, with the pink sakura flowers.

The small village, total just 200 families.  The main road is only one.   One side of the road is the valley of Da An river,  the other side of the road is where houses located.  Some of them are new and some of them are old.  So many kinds of houses you may see if you walk around this area.  It's always so quite and peaceful in this small village. 

The whole length of the Da An river valley is 98km, especially the 20km at the XueShanKeng of HePing district is the most beautiful valley; thanks to the wide valley.  Da An river goes from east to west through Tai An township of Miaoli county and Xue Shan Keng of HePing district of Taichung city.

The Japanese sweet persimmon is at the harvest season now.   Shuang Qi is high,  therefore the persimmon planted here is so sweet and delicious as the fiber is thin. 

How to come up here if you don't drive a car?  Don't worry.  You may find the bus at the Feng Yuan Bus Dong Shi station.  It takes 30 minutes to come up here.    It's so easy to see the great wide beautiful valley at Shuang Qi.   You don't have to spend much money at all.

Da An river valley
Da An river valley
map of Shuang Qi
waving cloth
primary school
primary school
bank & fire station
go west to Zhuo Lan township of Miaoli county

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