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Dalagang Tea Factory Hostel

Dalagang tea factory hostel is at Dalagang of Tai An township of Miao Li county.

The height is 1000M.   In the hostel, there is a big grass area where you may lie down looking at the sky; you will know that the sky is so close to you.   Or, in the evening time before sleeping, you may lie down on the big grass area counting the stars in the sky.

It's great when you drink a cup of coffee or tea at the outside seat there.  It seemed that
you may catch the cloud if you jump high enough for cloud is right on top of your head.

There are five rooms only in the old building.  Last week I went there I saw more new buildings are now under construction.  They all looked nice.

The hostel is up on almost top of the hill.  Driving a car up there is possible.   In the hill area, there is no oil station.  Before driving up there, please do make sure to put more oil in your car. Roads are nice. There are two roads going down: the front way is down to Xiang Bi and the back way is down to Da Hu where connects to Tai 3 road.

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