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Sakura Bloom At Xiangbi

Xiang Bi village is 6.7km farther from Shi Lin village.

Last week I went there, no one welcomed me but some dogs.  Dogs recognized that
I was the stranger.

The total residents are less than 100 families.  They are  Atayal tribe.  I saw the young
man work in the field with machine.  They plant strawberry.  They are right that strawberry
can bring them good profits.  I didn't see any Hakka there.   I felt only Atayal tribe live
there only.

There are two roads connecting Xiang Bi to outside: one is road 47 from Shi Lin
Power Station (next to Tao Shan) and the other one is road Zhong Xiang leading to
Da Hu by passing Da La Gang.

It's 35.3km driving to reach Xue Jian travel center.  There are four Atayal villages
on the way.

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