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Firework Show And Dragon Main Lantern In Lukang

Lukang lantern festival is in Feb 6~19 2012.   In the period, each evening there are two firework shows held in the main lantern area.   The whole Lukang township is fully decorated and lighted on with all kinds of beautiful lanterns.   The visitors can play and see in so many places in the whole township.  Thank Mr. Shi Zhenrong so much for all his efforts; he is the former ceo of Acer.

The Dragon Main lantern was lighted on about ten minutes starting since 20:03 on Feb 10 2012 in the stadium of Lukang.   Few minutes later, the firework show drove visitors so high so happy.

Goan-siau-cheh is the first full moon during the lunar new year, the fifteenth day of the first month.   This dragon year, the Goan-Siau eve was  Feb 6 2012.  People celebrate it by eating goan-siau, seeing decorative lanterns and answering lantern-riddles.

More than 50 years ago, Taiwan was a agricultural society, and the Taiwanese new year vacation was 15 days;  the last day of the new year was the Goan-siau-cheh (Goan-siau festival).   Now, Taiwan has industry and business.  The new year holiday has been shortened to about just one week only, depending on the western calendar.

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