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ZI Nan Temple In Zhu Shan

Zi Nan Temple in Zhu Shan of Nan Tou county has been famous in Taiwan for the land lord helps visitors getting more money.

In this Taiwanese lunar new year period, each day, more than 50,000 visitors rushed to it. People have all gone back to their work since Jan 30 (8th day of the lunar first month of dragon year). Hence, I persuaded myself to have a look at this temple yesterday.

Actually, there were so many people there today. I couldn't walk into the temple to see the land lord couple faces at all. So many shops and restaurants are opened around this temple.

There are two big parking lots owned by this temple.   I took the temple free shuttle bus at the Zhu Shan entrance of highway number 3. Thirty minutes after each hour, the shuttle bus picks up visitors at the entrance. The bus leaves the temple at each hour sharp.  Temple offers shuttle bus for its two parking lots are not enough for visitors car parking.

How to get to this temple? You may take the bus at Taichung Bus Station on the opposite of Taichung train station, direction Zhu Shan. The cost is NTD150.

Zhu Shan entrance of highway number 3
Zi Nan Temple
Zi Nan Temple
bamboo shape toilet

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