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Sakura Bloom At Zhulin Village

Zhu Lin village is, 17.2km of road 47, at He Ping district of Taichung city.

It faces the Da An river and its back side is hill.

There are about 100 families, 300 residents. They are Atayal Tribe, Amis Tribe and the Hans. Most of them are fruit farmer, and some of them work outside.

This afternoon I went there for seeing sakura.  The only one who came out to welcome me was the village head.

If you drive a car, you may take the river bank fast road which has been newly built; it's the fast way from outside the Zhuo Lan Big Bridge to Bai Bu Fan.  After passing the Bai Bu Fan Big Bridge, driving left along road 47 to 17.2km.  Zhu Lin village is right over there.

You may take a bus at Dong Shi, direction Xue Shan Keng, and take off the bus at Zhu Lin village.

village head

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