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Sakura Bloom At Dalagang B+B

Dalagang B+B is at Tai An township of Miao Li county.

Last week I went there on Feb 6, the Goan-Siau festival.   I was lucky to see sakura bloomed along the road up to Dalagang from Xiang Bi and was so exciting to see this B+B in person.

Few months ago, I learned it from its yahoo blog that it sells fruit persimmon.  I bought one box first for I had no idea about its persimmon quality.   I was so surprised by the top delicious quality!  It's the most delicious persimmon I've ever tasted in my life.  I contacted with the B+B lady again for the second box, but her told me the persimmon season was finished.   I was late! She sent persimmon to me by black cat and I paid money to the driver.

Although the B+B is at the low part of Dalagang, the view from the B+B is great too.

Driving a car up there is possible.   In the hill area, there is no oil station.  Before driving up there, please do make sure to put more oil in your car. Roads are nice.  There are two roads going down: the front way is down to Xiang Bi and the back way is down to Da Hu where connects to Tai 3 road.

persimmon trees

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