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Traditional Pasttime Lantern Area

In this area, the lanterns of the whipping top and Mr. Shi Yan-Wen of cloth puppet show
were familiar by the elder Taiwanese.

Forty years ago, the kids in the elementary school didn't want to go to school for they
were all crazy watching the TV cloth puppet show at home.  To them, it's a great suffering to stay at classroom as the afternoon time was the TV cloth puppet show time.  All kids couldn't leave TV.   Some of the kids run away from school for watching the show.   So, you can see how charming the leading role Mr. Shi Yan-Wen was.   He was loved deeply by all the kids in 1970.

In fact, "Cloud State Big Scholarship Chivalry--Shi Yan-Wen" was an high class cloth puppet show.  Even today, it's still an high class one.  The owner of the cloth puppet troupe Mr. Huang Jun-Xiong graduated from the historical science of National Zhong Xing University. In the cloth puppet show, he put the story in the history including magic Chinese Kung Fu, incrediable medical skill, pretty women, and beautiful poems.  The used language of the show was Taiwanese for the cloth puppet show is the local production.

One day, suddenly the program was forbidden by Taiwan government.  The reason was
people are too lazy to work due to the program.   Mr. Shi Yan-Wen did give people a
wonderful happy spirit time.

In those days, kids were not allowed to speak their mother language Taiwanese in school.   Teacher did punish those kids who spoke mother language at school.   Sad!

cloth puppet show  Mr. Shi Yan-Wen big scholarship chivalry

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