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Sakura Bloom At Daguan

Da Guan is at northwest part of He Ping district of Taichung county.   Da An river divides Tai An township and Da Guan where is surrounded by mountains in four sides; hence, Da Guan owns both mountain and river.   Weather is 23 degree C, the average yearly.   28 degree C is in July and Aug.   The lowest temperature is 16 degree C in Jan and Feb.   Raining days are in May~Aug.   It's dry in Oct~Dec.   Weather is cool and suitable for living.

The mountain road Zhong 47 is the one going through Da Guan where is in the middle of
Tao Shan village and Zhu Lin village.

Most of the residents do plant fruits for living.   Japanese sweet persimmon, peach and orange are the main fruits and the total plant area is more than 300 hectares.

Stone farm
Da Guan community map
front door of one Atayal Tribe restaurant
back yard of one Atayal Tribe restaurant

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