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Dragon Lanterns In Zhong Shan Road Lukang

The first national Taiwan lantern festival was held since 1990, in the first few years it was held in Taipei only. Since 2001, it started to be held in other cities or counties. Today, the lantern festival is the big event in Taiwan already. This year is the 23th festival.

The new year, dragon year, Lukang holds the lantern festival between Feb 6th~19th. This year, the festival is the biggest one. The main dragon lantern shall be made by 200,000pcs led light and all the old streets and old temples of the whole small village will be decorated with lanterns.

In the past years, the lantern festivals were held in a specially designated place. This year, the festival place is the whole Lukang small town.

The main lantern is in the north lantern area.    Wen-Wu temple is in the south lantern area.   All the famous historic places like Tian Hou Temple, Long Shan Temple, Guihua Art Village and Museum of Taiwan Folkways are lantern areas.   The 1.5km long road, connecting all lantern areas, Zhong Shan Road, shall appear 9 gold dragons.

South lantern area has been lighted on since Jan 29.   Zhong Shan Road lantern area shall be lighted on Feb 4.  The main lantern area and all the other lantern areas will be lighted on 7:00pm of Feb 6.

I went to Lukan yesterday.

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