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B+B Orre Norway

I spent one night at the warm and lovely B+B in end of Oct,  2010.

The B+B location is on the seashore of Orre, Norway and Orre is at the southwest coast of Norway.  Behind the house, it's right the north sea.  There's a path though the high trees, walking 10 minutes, walking down straight you may see the sea.

After checking in, the couple elder owners suggested me to walk down there seeing north sea before sunset for the winter the sun drops in the sea very early.   Taking their advice, I tried pretty hard to walk down the path to see the north sea, but I failed.  The wind was too strong and cold.  I didn't finish it, finally I walked back to the house. Till today I still have no idea how it looks like the north sea is.

Inside the wood house, it's so beautiful.  The ground floor is used by the elder couple and the first floor bed rooms + one living room + one rest room are for visitors.  How do they keep the house warm?  They use gas to do it under the house.  In the rest room of the first floor, taking a bath there, you never feel cold since the foor ceramic tile is always warm.  What a big difference from Taiwan's.  The bed room was so warm and beautiful.  In my room, there're two single beds and one desk in the middle of the beds.  The color and design of the bed sheets were so lovely!!

Of course, the elder couple were friendly to me. Hope I can go back there pretty soon for I truly miss it.

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