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Chang Pi Lake

Chang Pi Lake is located in Yueng San village, Sanshin town, of Yilan county in north east part of Taiwan, next to the Tai 7 ping  road.   Its height above sea level is 175~190 meter.   It never drys in the whole year and can adjust the water level automatically.   Water comes from rain and / or spring under ground.   Driving from Luodong night market to the lake by Tai 7 ping road takes 37 minutes for the distance is 18.8km only.

The walk path around the lake, camp / BBQ area and tea planting garden are finished already.

Many activity areas are under construction like the hotel, sports area and walk path.   Once they're finished, more visitors may spend the night near the lake enjoying the great nature.

In the Taiwanese new year period, Feb, if you come you'll see red Sakura flowers welcome you on the road sides and the lake sides.  

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