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Potato Promotion Festival Warsaw

The Sunday afternoon 1.00pm, I was at a shock when friend said to me suddenly she'd like to drive me to the old town of Warsaw.

It's a big area and was crowded with local people.  I wondered if all the Sundays visitors may see the food stands in the old town.  She said "No, only today."  She didn't know why that Sunday there're so many people there.  I said to her: " I'm so lucky."  That day was the totato promotion festival since so many stands displayed with potato.  Of course,  so many different kinds of products could be seen on stands.  I saw the big size bread.

Presidential Palace was next to the old town, inside of the palace, two big stone lions sitting on pedestals of left / right sides respectively.

I bought two lovely porcelain cups home.   As I worried that they'd have been broken, after returning back home I checked my luggage urgently,  that the cup with cow face was broken for handle leaving the cup body.  The other cup with beautiful wood house was perfectly without damage.

I was quite happy walking there in 2~3 hours following my friend. Wow!! Sky was so blue!!

I told friend that I'll not come to Poland again.  You know why?  The immigration officer at the airport was very impolite to me---After presenting him my name card and documents, he still went on checking, reading and playing my passport more than one century long. Finally, he showed me very upset face and told me:"Ok, you can go." I turned around there's no one behind or close to me.  The whole hall,  the only one left there was me.

周日下午1:00, 當朋友突然告訴我要帶我去舊區走一走時,  我愣住了.

那是一個擠滿了當地人的大地區.   懷疑是否所有的周日都這麼地熱鬧滾滾?  她說:"不, 只有今天."  她也不清楚怎會有那麼多人.  對她說:"我很幸運吧."  那天是馬鈴薯促銷節,  許多攤位上擺滿馬鈴薯.   當然, 攤位上還有許多不同的產品.  我看到了特大號的麵包.

總統府就在舊區隔壁,  圍牆內,  2隻石獅子分別左右兩邊坐在石柱上.

買了2個可愛的陶瓷杯.  如我所擔心的, 一回到家趕緊打開行李,  那支牛頭杯的手把早已與杯身分離.  另外1支小木屋圖案杯就完整無暇.

跟著朋友, 我們快樂地漫步2~3小時.  哇!! 天空好藍!!

告訴朋友我不會再來波蘭.  為什麼? 機場的移民官對我很不禮貌---給他看了名片與相關文件後, 他還是繼續讀、檢查、玩弄我的護照超過一個世紀久. 終於, 他用很不耐煩的態度:"好了! 妳可以滾了" 回過頭看, 後面旁邊都無人,  整個大廳只剩我一人.

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