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Suao Port

Suao port is located in Yilan county in the north east part of Taiwan.

It's a nature port surrounded by hills in three sides.  Many people love to come here for
fishing.  In 1965, it's built as the small business port.  In 1974, it's re-built as the international business port, thanks to the width of the port.  The blue sky and the reflection of the ships on sea have become one of the great views in Yilan.   In the east part of Taiwan, there're very few of  factories,  few cargo ships stop at Hualian only.   Most of the cargo ships do stop at ports of Keelung, Taichung and Kaohsiung.   Industry is not in east part of Taiwan.

Walking on the huge cement bridge, I saw some colorful fishes which were so cute on the path.  You know why?  Suao is famous of all kinds of fishes.

One place on hill does offer the great view of the whole port.   When I went there, I was not allowed to go to the view point on hill for the road up to the hill was closed on Nov 22, 2011.   Hope the road can be opened as soon as possible, so that all the visitors may enjoy the great view of the whole port.

Thank nephew so much for guiding me there!!

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