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The Richforest

I love it so much--the hotel The Richforest which stands on the water side of Sunmoonlake.

Friend and I walking in the lobby, we both were at a shock by the great smell of wood that
is the expensive Chinese cypress log instead of the cheap log; the whole wood house was built by the Chinese cypress log which is great to health and is why Japanese loved to buy it from Taiwan.   So many important foreign guests come to Sunmoonlake, government always arranges them here.

Each room, there's a cute small balcony where you may just sit doing nothing, watching
the changes of the lake, drinking tea or coffee, reading a book and or chatting with your friend. Whenever you need a peaceful private time relaxing yourself, it's a great place for you.

The Chinese restaurant in the hotel is so wonderful.   While having meal, you may see the lake simultaneously.

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