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Luodong Sports Park

Luodong sports park, in Yilan county,  was a great project started in hands of mayor
Mr. Chen Ding Nan in 1986.   He had been on two mayoralty of eight years.   The designed job of the park was given to a Japanese company and park was opened in 1996.   Thanks to Mr. Chen was far-sighted enough, today local residents are lucky to own this 47 ha park.   Its location is just 2km away from Luodong train station.

The main equipment of the park is the sports including swimming pool, foot ball yard,  athletic yard, basket ball yard, skating way, croquet yard, tennis court and grass bowling yard.  The rest equipments in the park are pond, grass and tree.   In the pond, lots of duck, goose and fish can be seen.  Local people love to come here to feed them.  Sparrow, duck and goose all come up to the land begging foods at the visitors.   They're not afraid of human beings.

In the park, some shops offer food and bike.   Biking through the trees under the sunshine can be a great moment in the afternoon, If you're too lazy to walk in such a big park, which is a nice way to relax yourself.   Indulging yourself in the big green is a kind of happiness, right?

Thank nephew so much for guiding me there!!

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