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Go Pick Strawbery At Dahu

Dahu township is in Miaoli county of central Taiwan, being famous of strawberry.   It is the biggest strawberry supply place for the domestic market.   Between Dec to Apr, people from other cities love to come here to buy or pay ticket going to the field to pick strawberry directly.  It's a kind of happy leisure activity, enjoying the sunshine and the outdoor.

The race of this township is Hakka who live in the farm township where 13 kinds of fruits and vegetables planted in fields in the whole year; they're strawberry, peach, orange, plums,  peal, hensan peal, tea, ginger, persimmon, bitter gourd, sweet corn, sweet persimmon and sweet peach.

Population is not much but land is wide.  The air is clear and fresh.  Most of the time, the view of the Dahu is beautiful everywhere and temperature is warm.  If you look around here, you'll find people are not busy and are much different from people in the commercial big city.   They do walk slowly.  It's quite a nice place for living.

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