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Central Park Jakarta

For so many times I was in friend's car on the high way plying in front of "Central Park", especially in the evening, I was attracted by it totally.

One Sunday afternoon I finally found it by walking to it, walking 30 minutes from last bus
stop named "Grogol 2". Weather was great for the sky was blue.

Central Park is a part of the brand new building jungle and is located in the lower floors.  Before approaching it,  I walked under 30 floor high buildings which stand into the clouds and I was so so scared that what if earthquake happens suddenly I'll be flatted by those high buildings definitely.  I couldn't run fast to Central Park for the new area is truly too big to run,  although I run pretty fast in those high school time,  really helpless,  so I had no option but to walk forward slowly in the extremely fearful mood.

Sogo is next to Central Park.  Inside of Sogo, the design and decoration are much more beautiful than Taiwan Sogo's.  What a big surprise to me!

My God!  Why Indonesia people are so rich?

好多次, 在朋友車內, 在高速公路來回飛馳,  經過購物中心中央公園面前,  我總是深被它吸引,  尤其是晚間.

一個周日下午,  我終於走路找到它,   從上個站牌 "Grogol 2", 走了30分鐘過去.  天氣很棒天空一片藍.

中央公園是一全新建築叢林的一部分,  位於較低樓層.  接近它前,  我走在一堆聳入雲宵30層的高樓底下, 好害怕萬一突然地震我鐵定被這些大樓壓扁.   也無法很快速跑去中央園,  這新興區實在太大,  盡管高中時代很會跑,  真是無奈,  所以別無選擇地只能提心吊膽地慢慢往前走.

Sogo就在中央公園隔壁.  裡面的裝潢設計都遠比台灣Sogo漂亮,  好驚訝!

天阿!!  為何印尼人這麼地有錢?

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