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Dong Fong Green Bikeway

Dong Fong green bikeway is 12km long from Hakka culture hall of Dong Shih to Fong Yueng.   It's built by the old rail way.  Along the bike way, two sides all stand tall green trees.  Hence, in the summer, when you're on the way, it's not too hot actually.  Da Gia river goes west to the Taiwan channel at the Da Gia district of Taichung city.

In four places, Dong Shih / Mei Zih / Shih Gan / Fong Yueng, it's easy to find bike shops where all kinds of bikes are waiting for rent.  At Dong Shih, the entrance of the bike way is right behind the Hakka Culture Hall.  Before the hall, it is the place you rent a bike.

This morning I saw countless pink flowers on trees on the whole way.  On the two way sides, I also saw the peal trees; white flowers can be seen in March and big peals can be seen on trees in June / July.

On the bike way side, you may see some coffee shops opened on weekend only.  Taichung downtown people love to drive to this area and rent bikes spending the whole day here. Actually on weekend, too many bikes, it's a little bit crowded.  The bike way is opened for free between 10:00am~10:00pm for it's owned and maintained by city government.  Before 10:00pm on weekdays,  some bikers can be seen on the bike way.

It's easier to bike if you start at Dong Shih since Dong Shih is high at 356m, after seeing the Da Gia river, passing by Mei Zih and Shih Gan, you'll arrive Fong Yueng easily.  This morning I started at Dong Shih.  It's quite steep, the way back to Dong Shih, hence it'll take you more energy and perseverance if you don't want to give up.

Please do make sure not to rent the bike for 2---you'll kill yourself!

DongShi Hakka culture hall

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