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Yilan International Children's Folklord and Folkgame Festival 2010

On one Sunday of July 2010 was the first time for me to go see the park.   The place is in Luodong of Yilan county where is in north east part of Taiwan.  Hence in the early morning I took the train there.

The celebration was held in the Dongshan River Water Park of Luodong.  Above the river, there's a steel suspension bridge where people climbed up and walked down.   I tried very hard to climb up on the bridge but I dare not to walk to the other side of the river, the bridge shaking due to so many people up there.   I walked down quickly; it's too high and I was so scared.  

On the river, there're so many boats busy between the park and the Luodong Culture Hall where is also a lovely place deserving you to visit.

The invited groups of the festival totally were more than 20 countries from all over the world. I went there 2 times in July 2010 so actually I saw the folk dance / music performances just some countries only;  I didn't stay late till 19:30 seeing the last performance for catching the train back home.  If I wanted to see all the group performances,  I'd had to go there many times.   I was quite happy seeing the wonderful performances. The adult ticket was USD12.50 for one day and many people said price is high.   I personally don't think so.  Price was too low to cover all the expenses.   Taiwan central government supported this festival with few cash USD1800 only.   All the foreign groups flew to Taiwan, Yilan government had to pay all the air tickets and accommodation by collecting money from some enterprises.   And in case all the ticket income were under one certain amount, Yilan government should have lost money.

Thank Yilan government so much for organizing such a wonderful happy festival and making us see so many different kinds of folk dances / musics right in Taiwan without taking the aircraft to other countries.   Also, thank all the groups from so many countries for their full performances on stages and flying to Taiwan from the other side of the earth.

Next year, I'll stay at a B+B in Luodong so that I can go see the great performance for more days. What about you?   Will you come and have fun there?

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