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Tai-An Hot Spring Area

The biggest township, land size, of Miaoli county is Tai-an where Da-an river goes through and owns the nature hot spring. It keeps the great nature landscapes. There're are so many hot spring hotels and B+Bs there. It's on the right side of Shihtan township and Dahu township and is the only one hill township in Miaoli county.   Population is less than 6000 only; the average is 9 residents per km.

On weekend, except summer time, it's of course crowded here by visitors and all kinds of cars.

One hotel has the plain appearance and room fee is top high.   I truly don't understand why. Maybe inside decoration is great.  Who knows!!  Each time passing by it, I always see some expensive cars pack outside.  Newspaper said that the electronic upstarts love to spend weekend there. There's an outdoor hot spring swimming pool of long shape on the riverbed.
I don't know the spring in the pool is hot or cold. 

The kinmen hot spring resort is owned by government; public hot spring ticket price is not high and room fee is not high either.  The visitors who are not policemen are allowed to stay there.  "It's high at the top of the hot spring source, if you want to come here for hot spring you'd better go for kimmen."--This is what my government servant  friend told me.  That means the quality of the hot spring is great in the whole Tai-an hot spring resort area.

On the road side,  fruit stands displayed grape and Japan sweet persimmon which is at the right harvest season now.

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