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Burgenstock Resourt In Luzern

I was so lucky to get up to Burgenstock Resourt in the afternoon 4:00 by following my friend.  In his car, while hearing from him suddenly  "4:00, now we do some sight-seeing."  I couldn't believe my ears, so I asked him "What did you say?"  He answered:"4:00, now we do some sight-seeing."  "There's a famous sight-seeing place right up there on the mountain."   He drove car up straight to the mountain area.  I was so happy!!

The sky was so thorough blue!   What a big lake was in my eyes.  My God!  It's so beautiful like a painting.  I told my friend:"Good life, you live in the heaven."  I followed him having a long walk around this area.  Looking down the lake,  on the opposite size, my friend's house was right down there.  He told me his house is there since he could see his house by his eyes. 

After the steam boat had stopped at the coast down the mountain, the red beautiful cable car came up to the mountain slowly.  The cable car normally is closed in the winter time.

Some famous important persons did leave their names on the white scaffolding of the outside walk area when I saw them carelessly while rising my head.  Some hotels are under construction, three years later, there'll be more hotels available for visitors.

The use land on top of the mountain is not wide actually, a small church standing
there---they truly have done the good job for the visitors.

很幸運地在下午4:00跟著朋友上山.  在他車裡, 突然聽他說:"4:00, 我們來做點觀光"  不敢相信我的耳朵.  問他"你說什麼?"  他回答:"4:00, 我們來做點觀光."  "一出名觀光聖地就在這山上."  他把車直接開上山, 一路往上爬.  我好高興!!

天空藍的透徹, 好大的湖盡收眼底.  天阿! 漂亮的像一幅畫.  告訴朋友 "您命真好, 住在天堂裡."  跟著他, 我們走了一大圈.  俯視湖, 在對岸,  朋友的房子就在那裡.  他告訴我他家的位置, 他眼睛可以看到.

蒸汽船靠這山下岸後,  漂亮的紅色纜車緩緩地爬上這山上觀光聖地.  冬天,  纜車不開放.

有些名人在戶外走道區的白色蓬架留下他們的芳名--告訴世人他們曾經到此一遊.  那是我無意中抬頭時看到的.  有些旅館正在施工中,   3年後將可容納更多觀光客.

山上使用面積其實並不大, 居然蓋有一間小教堂. 他們為旅客設想真周到.

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