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Tama Mini Indonesia

On weekend, friend drove me to this big park together with his wife and three daughters.

One day is not enough actually,  the area is too big to look around in just one day.   How many days visitors can finish visiting?  Maybe it takes one week.  It's so crowded that day.   At the main gate, we're charged for car and persons.   At each hall, visitors have to buy tickets again.   The cable car ticket was USD3 for adult,  pretty good price!

In the lake, it's the Indonesia map.   It's beautiful!

I do love the coconut in Indonesia,  price was good and taste was good too.

There's a Chinese traditional old house in the park, next to the house, the ancient time famous general Kuan Kon statue standing there. In Taiwan, most of the businessmen love to pray to Kuan Kon for good business.

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